Almonds – Fruits or Nuts

Almonds are one of healthy snacks.

In fact, almonds become one of the favorite snacks for dieters.

Almonds are also often categorized as part of a group of nuts.

However, the reality is not so.

Almonds are not nuts but fruit. How come?

Reported by the Daily Meal page, almonds are seeds from almond fruit.

This fruit is almost the same as peaches or plums.

When the fruit is ripe, the harvesters will take the fruit meat, leaving the almond fruit seeds.

Almonds – Fruits or Nuts

When talking about nuts, they are plants whose fruit and seeds grow at the same time in one shell.

For example hazelnuts, grow without fruit flesh, their shells are immediately visible even when they are still attached to the tree.

It’s different with almonds.

Almond seeds are inside.

Almonds are the same as fruits like mangoes or cherries.

Nutritionally, almonds are similar to other nuts, so almonds are one of the healthy foods that contain fat, fiber and other important nutrients.

However, in botany, almonds are not nuts.

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