Meet The Needs of Body Fluids To Reduce Stress

Stress can be interpreted as a condition in which the body and brain experience pressure in response to the threat that is being faced.

The human body is mostly composed by water.

About 60 percent of the composition of the human body is water.

And the brain turns out to have a higher water composition than the body as a whole, the amount is around 73 percent.

That is why when body fluids are reduced, brain function will experience interference to think clearly so that it interferes with the process of managing stress.

Meet The Needs of Body Fluids To Reduce Stress

Not enough fluids not only makes you thirsty, but can make your body dehydrated.

Unconsciously, when dehydrated there is an increase in cortisol levels.

High levels of the hormone cortisol are the body’s way of responding or giving signals when there is a lack of fluids.

That is why it does not take long, we will feel very stressed and difficult to think clearly.

Therefore, try not to lack the body’s fluid intake every day to prevent stress and dehydration.

A person’s drinking water needs are around 2-4 liters per day.

Increase drinking water consumption if doing physical activities, being in a hot or dry environment, and removing a lot of sweat.

Always prepare drinking water.

Take a drinking bottle anywhere in the bag.

Also supply drinking water on the desk or in the bedroom.

Choose a good water source. Mineral water can help maintain body fluids much more effectively than sweet drinks, soda, or coffee.

Drink water immediately when thirsty and the color of urine becomes darker with a more pungent odor.

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