Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is often dubbed as a silent killer.

The reason, hypertension often does not cause symptoms at all, but the impact is very deadly.

The number of people with hypertension worldwide is quite large.

Some of the symptoms commonly found due to hypertension include headache, dizziness, or nosebleeds. High blood pressure generally involves a process for many years, but its presence can be easily detected by a doctor.

You only need to control your blood pressure regularly so if suddenly the blood pressure increases will quickly be known.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

In addition to the various symptoms mentioned above, severe hypertension – even reaching or exceeding 180/110 mmHg) – will lead to complaints of:

• Severe headache that usually lasts for several days
• Impaired vision
• Chest pain
• Difficulty breathing
• Irregular heartbeat
• There is blood in the urine
• Dizziness light to severe degrees and vertigo

If you experience some of the above symptoms, it’s good to call your doctor immediately.

The reason, some of these symptoms can result in heart attack or stroke.

Therefore, you should be careful if you have been diagnosed with hypertension.

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