Are Bananas Safe To Eat For Diabetics ?

Are Bananas Safe To Eat For Diabetics ?

This bright yellow exotic fruit is one of the favorites to be consumed, especially for hungry stomach boosters. In addition to affordable prices, bananas are easy to find anywhere, so bananas are often used as a healthy option for breakfast.

Diabetics often hear that banana is a fruit that has a high sugar content associated with carbohydrate content in it. Sugars and carbohydrates are the main nutritional causes of elevated blood sugar levels. So whether diabetics can eat bananas?

In one banana, it usually contains about 30 grams of carbohydrates, which is also comparable to the sandwich content with 2 pieces of bread. Actually, diabetics can eat bananas. But diabetics should understand the dose of carbohydrates that must be consumed later.

Are Bananas Safe To Eat For Diabetics ?

It is recommended for diabetics to consume bananas that have green skin. Banana skin that has a green color is considered to have a lower carbohydrate content that will not trigger the increase in blood sugar levels in the body during the intake is still very limited.

In addition, it would be better to choose a medium-sized banana and not too much to consume. Minimum 1 banana 1 day only, maximum 2 bananas 1 day is very enough.

Although it contains carbohydrates and sugar, bananas also contain high enough amounts of fiber to meet daily fiber requirements. This fiber can be utilized by diabetics. Fiber is very important for diabetics, as it helps slow down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Fiber can reduce blood sugar spikes and improve overall blood sugar control.

For diabetics to pay attention to the glycemic index on each food is also very important. If it turns out low value would be very beneficial because it can avoid the increase in blood sugar in the body due to food factors.

Mature bananas have a medium glycemic index. Banana maturity determines its glycemic index rating. As it matures, its glycemic index value is higher. Half-cooked bananas whose skin is still green have a low glycemic index, whereas overcooked bananas with brown spots on the skin have a medium glycemic index. Therefor, it can be consumed but must be maintained and not too much.

In addition, bananas also include fat-free fruit, a source of vitamin B6, folate, and potassium. That’s why why bananas are safe and recommended for consumption in an effort to control blood sugar levels for diabetics, with the type and amount of bananas that are allowed to be consumed.

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