Reuse of Used Goods to Protect The Environment From Damage

The problem of waste must be the concern of all elements of society, if it is not handled properly, environmental damage will occur.

If the environment is damaged, the ones who will suffer the consequences are all the creatures in the environment.

There are several ways to handle waste reduction known as the 3R principle, one of which is reuse.

Reuse means choosing items that can be reused. Avoid using single-use items. This can extend the usage time of items before they become trash.

Reusing used goods without processing them first, namely in the following ways:
– reuse the packaging of goods for the same or different functions
– choosing to use items that can be reused rather than disposable, such as buying rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries.
– utilizing the packaging of goods to be a storage area for things, such as plastic bottles used as plants, and paper and newspapers can be reused as wrappers.

Reuse of Used Goods to Protect The Environment From Damage

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