Don’t Delegate This

Don't Delegate This

Scaling a business means setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company.

This means having the ability to develop without being hampered.

This requires planning, funding and systems, staff, processes, technology and partners.

Your business will be valuable if it has reached the stage operating without you. The only way is through delegation and outsourcing.

Once you’ve made your list and committed to delegating, you also have to figure out what you can’t delegate because there are bound to be some tasks you have to do.

Even if you have put together an excellent internal and outsourced team, there are some things that shouldn’t be delegated.

What are they?


Core beliefs, operations, and core stories are areas that you must continue to nurture and teach yourself, no matter how much your staff grows.

Process, Overall Strategy, and Company Vision

You need an idea of ​​where you are going, why you are going there, and how to get your business there.

Client Relations

Of course, you can ask staff to run day-to-day interactions, but make sure you keep your face on and keep open communication with clients. How clients feel about your business and how they understand the results they get by working with you is a very valuable item for business and should be looked after and practiced by yourself.

Hiring Someone

As a business owner, make sure you know who is working for you. When it comes to outsourcing and delegation, this component is key.


It is necessary to keep track of finances and make a final decision on major expenses or investments.
You should stay on top of key performance indicators and manage money within the business.

To scale your business, you’ll have to work on replacing yourself in two key areas. Doing work that actually makes result and selling work that makes result. Do that, and you will soon be setting your business up for success.

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