Marketing Strategy For Cut Flower Business

Marketing Strategy For Cut Flower Business

The market for cut flowers is expanding, but the competition is getting tougher.

If you are a florist, your marketing options include selling directly to the public or florists, grocery stores, and other retail outlets.

Adding value to your flowers by arranging them in a fun way can help to boost your cut flower business.

Online Marketing

The internet is a less expensive platform to advertise your flowers than television, radio, and print media.

Online marketing also helps to break geographic barriers and allows your clients to view and order flowers from the comfort of their homes.

To attract people to your cut flower business website, invest in search engine optimization, and ask people with other websites to link to your website or blog about flowers.

Since the website is the first impression for potential customers, get attention to its appearance, usability, and architecture.

Social media also provides an opportunity to expand your business network.

Use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to let your customers know when fresh flowers are ready.

When they get ready remind them to order for important dates like weddings, Mother’s Day, and birthdays.

Show Nice And Attractive Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, it may sound like a cliché statement, but it’s valid for online marketing.

Most people are attracted to beautiful visuals.

Good, eye-catching photos can generate a large portion of sales for your cut flower business.

Show the uniqueness of your flowers by posting beautiful photos on your business website, social media sites, and email marketing materials.

Show how fresh your flowers are.

It can also display a beautiful blend of the diversity of flowers available so that it attracts customers to buy them for weddings, graduations, and other special events.

Create Interesting Videos

About 60 percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

This means now is the time to put it into practice.

Videos that are engaging and enable businesses to put their best foot forward in a creative way.

For a cut flower business, use videos to showcase more than just the flowers you sell.

For example, you could make a short video.

Make a beautiful bouquet or choose flowers for a wedding in the video.

Or introduce who you are and what you offer as a business.

Highlight what makes you so special.

Tell the affordable prices, quality flowers, unique types of flowers, online ordering, or delivery.

You can submit your created videos to almost any marketing platform, such as websites, emails, or social media.

Don’t feel like you have to post long videos to get attention.

Reel Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts are great channels to post shorter videos.

If you haven’t used the video yet, don’t delay.

A video is a powerful tool.

It is evolving rapidly and is here to stay.

Product Sample

Package the flower samples, and take them to your local florist and grocery store.

Give out some flowers for free at bridal events to encourage women to order directly from your farm or shop.

Distribute brochures or pamphlets giving prices and information about your flowers.

Highlight the benefits florists and direct clients get by buying from you.

If you do organic gardening, use that as a marketing advantage.

Customers will surely be pleased to know that they are playing a role in promoting a healthier environment by purchasing organic flowers.

Rent Outlets

Rent booth space at farmers’ markets to showcase your flowers.

Find another place where customers look for fresh, locally grown flowers such as outside a hospital or in a public park, and rent a stall.

Pay attention to how to package and display flowers.

For a flower grower, a flower arrangement is an art that must be learned.

Mastering it can get the attention of clients.

Remember to give your clients business cards with details about the locations where your flowers are sold.

Build Local Partnerships in Your Network

Collaborating with other small businesses is a great way to build your cut flower business.

Work with others to build mutual relationships that will help you get more prospects and clients.

For example, if you partner with a wedding venue, you can give them flowers for their open house in exchange for a place on their preferred vendor list.

Or maybe you can donate a flower arrangement for a photographer-style photo shoot in exchange for a professional photo to share on your social media.


Running promotions helps to strengthen your business image.

Remind existing customers about your products and tell potential customers about your flowers.

Offer to make free shipping, sell at a discount, or include more flowers for the same price.

Furthermore, you can sponsor various events in the community around you.

Use your social media accounts and cut flower business websites for upcoming promotions.

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