Simple Marketing Ideas For Traditional Craft Business

Simple Marketing Ideas For Traditional Craft Business

Traditional arts and crafts appeal to other crafters and those looking for authentic-looking items to decorate a historic room or home.

The simplicity of the product and the colors of many traditional craft items are suitable for a country house, farmhouse, or even a decorated modern home.

You need to determine the best combination of marketing opportunities for your particular product and lifestyle.

Then research local markets to see what works and what doesn’t.

Also, value your handcrafted products, and compare them to similar crafts in the area.

Identify the distinctive touch that sets your product apart from the many available, and focus on the market segment.

That is most likely to be interested in what you sell.

This includes interior decorators, new homeowners, and arts and crafts specialists.

Craft Exhibition

Craft exhibitions are an opportunity to market traditional craft products that you make.

Book a booth or table at one or more exhibitions held in your area.

Attractively showcase your traditional craft products and market your items as unique gifts for holiday gift-giving or home decor.

Do market research before determining the price of an item.

Differentiate your traditional craft from the rest by attaching a unique hang tag, using unusual materials, or including information about the history or style of your particular art form.


For those who enjoy shopping for crafts all year round, craft shops and craft malls are an alternative to displaying your traditional crafts.

Rent a booth or showroom at a craft mall monthly or quarterly.

Offer a small portion of the sale to a boutique, club, or salon owner.

Include business cards and flyers at these locations so customers can call to purchase additional or share information with friends.

Depending on the nature of your product, you can offer personalized or customized options.

Building An Online Presence

An online presence gives you optimal results at minimal costs.

You can create a website for your traditional crafts.

Or display your items on a craft project site.

It’s also possible to set up a virtual shop at one of the many online craft malls.

Keep your website up to date by adding new products regularly.

Highlights special items or new product styles include short articles of interest to lovers of traditional crafts and advertising when and where you will appear live at craft fairs or elsewhere.

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